The practice of meditation is older than civilization. Modern medical science has clearly acknowledged its effectiveness. As a method of self development it has been embraced worldwide. Meditation allows each practitioner to sit with others and practice their personal meditation, including those who are new to the practice.We offer instruction in techniques and provide guidance along the way. The goal is to free the mind from its limitations and restricting patterns, allowing a free and open experience to assist in creating a better, happier relationship with life.

We believe meditation to be very personal and that most practitioners prefer to explore it in their own way and time. The opportunity to do this in an accepting atmosphere is very difficult to find as most places instruct in their specific form of meditation to the exclusion of others.

This meditation practice is not based on any particular religious belief system. Classes are informal. We make every effort to provide a tranquil and accepting environment in which you can practice with others. We emphasize basic courtesy and respect for fellow practitioners.

We make no secret about our method. Please click here to learn how to meditate.


stress reduction
improved immune function
pain management
lower blood pressure
self discipline
personal insight