Claims and Pain

Not all information is equally useful and not all perspectives are equally valid. Everyone is entitled to an opinion but some opinions are worth more than others. In a rational discussion, any claim about the effectiveness of a pain treatment should be backed up by evidence and the nature of the evidence be made transparent. […]

Buyer Beware

These days it seems to me that many people believe there are two broad categories of medicine, “conventional” (the kind of medicine practiced by most medical doctors) and “alternative “(everything else including traditional Chinese, homeopathic, naturopathic, complementary and so on). Those who disdain “conventional” medicine with its drugs and surgery will be attracted to the […]

Cortisone and Injections for Chronic Pain

Jan Carstoniu (J) responds to a question from a participant (P) during one of our sessions. This was condensed and edited from an audio recording. P: I have a question. Last week you and I spoke about injections that people get. You were saying that you felt that injections of local anesthetic was something that […]

Decisions, Decisions

Every intervention for pain may carry some risks and benefits. They key in deciding whether to try some new therapy is having knowledge of your chances of getting relief vs. your chance of having a bad reaction. Given that there is no such thing as perfect knowledge or certainty, you’ll have to take at least […]

Measuring Pain

There was a comment on our site that mentioned using a pain log to keep track of one’s pain. The idea is to rate one’s pain daily, weekly or at some other interval in order to see if there is improvement or deterioration over time. This can be very helpful in evaluating a change in […]