Belief is Not Enough

There are countless treatments available for pain if the Internet is any indication. Often, the description of a therapy is accompanied by explanations, endorsements and testimonials. When I read some of these things I am often impressed by the stories of relief and the passion with which they are told. I’m convinced that many who […]

Going Beyond Results

Just because a treatment of some kind may produce results doesn’t mean the theory behind that treatment is true. Psychoanalysis certainly helps some people but at least some of Freud’s theories have been surpassed by evidence-based science. I’ve seen positive responses to nerve blocks and meditation but have yet to see a strong theory backed […]

A Different Take on Meditation

We do not teach meditation as a spiritual practice and there are no spiritual teachings as part of our pain group sessions. However, meditation and spiritual practice have long been intertwined in many belief systems. It may be useful to look at some of the things said about meditation from a different perspective than ours. […]

Exercise and Pain

In our group sessions we practice various forms of exercise ranging from holding postures to slow, gentle movements and walking. Most people who attend the program, especially newer participants, want to do well and try hard to do the exercises well. Yet, we keep telling everyone not to try too hard and instead stay relaxed […]

Measuring Pain

There was a comment on our site that mentioned using a pain log to keep track of one’s pain. The idea is to rate one’s pain daily, weekly or at some other interval in order to see if there is improvement or deterioration over time. This can be very helpful in evaluating a change in […]