Constant Practice

One of the unique concepts we teach is “constant practice”.  This means to constantly be aware of one’s body position, relaxation level, and balance along with levels of pain and other concerns taught in our sessions. While this is achievable, it takes some work and requires that one have a reason for doing it. That […]

This Class Changed My Life

Here is one of our success stories. Jacqueline Neves has written about her experience with us and has kindly allowed her story to be published.  This is  quite inspiring and we thank Jacqueline for sharing it. I started to attend Dr. Carstoniu’s Mind body Pain Management class in January 2006 after my family doctor had […]


Companionship is part of the fabric of our lives. Part of the experience of our pain management groups is simple companionship for the 2 hours we are together. For that short time, we are not alone with pain. This short video is about the beautiful simplicity of companionship.  

Be Water, My Friend

This is a well known quote from the late Bruce Lee. He was talking about the ability to adapt to the immediate situation and blend with it so as not to add to a conflict, but rather bring it to a peaceful conclusion. How beautiful, how poetic. So we used this basic idea in the […]

Buyer Beware

These days it seems to me that many people believe there are two broad categories of medicine, “conventional” (the kind of medicine practiced by most medical doctors) and “alternative “(everything else including traditional Chinese, homeopathic, naturopathic, complementary and so on). Those who disdain “conventional” medicine with its drugs and surgery will be attracted to the […]

When New People Join

We had a brand new group member start this week. I never tire of seeing a new people, nor tire of hearing them being informed about the basic “rules” of participation in our sessions. What are these rules you ask? They are as simple as they are liberating: – Do only what you can – […]

Being Here and Not Being Here

One of the more difficult aspects of leading a group like ours is the frequency of attendance. I’ve seen a lot people come and go over the years. They appear one week but not the next. Or they are there for a few weeks and then disappear, never to be heard from again. Some reappear […]

Trying Without Trying

We talked about this concept in one of the sessions as a reference to one our “rules” – don’t try to hard. This is often confusing for new members when they first encounter it because we are so generally conditioned to exert effort, especially in the realm of body movement. So this idea of trying […]

Life is Short

We had an interesting discussion this week that is worth sharing. Since meditation is such an important component to our methods, its portrayal in the media and other groups occasionally comes up. Specifically, we talked about the “special powers” that some claim to be obtained via meditation. Things like levitation, ESP, projecting “energy” etc. are […]


Everyone thinks I’m crazy when I talk about my pain. Does this feel familiar? If you are living with chronic pain, chances are you know exactly what that statement means. It came up in our discussions this week and when it was said, there was a unanimous nodding of heads and affirmative sighs. Oh yes, […]