Everyone with health related problems can use a doctor as an ally. This is especially true for people with chronic pain. At their best, doctors can provide good management, appropriate referral, emotional support and advocacy. But chronic pain patients are frequently managed poorly and marginalized. How can this be? Doctors are highly trained professionals and […]

Meditation, Martial Arts and Medicine

The 60s counterculture embraced many aspects of eastern culture. The exotic postures and movements of eastern martial arts and yoga captivated the imaginations of many young men and women. Schools proliferated in virtually every western country. While the styles of martial arts varied greatly from the hard-hitting, punching and kicking of Karate and Tai-Kwon Do […]

Be Water, My Friend

This is a well known quote from the late Bruce Lee. He was talking about the ability to adapt to the immediate situation and blend with it so as not to add to a conflict, but rather bring it to a peaceful conclusion. How beautiful, how poetic. So we used this basic idea in the […]

Life is Short

We had an interesting discussion this week that is worth sharing. Since meditation is such an important component to our methods, its portrayal in the media and other groups occasionally comes up. Specifically, we talked about the “special powers” that some claim to be obtained via meditation. Things like levitation, ESP, projecting “energy” etc. are […]


Everyone thinks I’m crazy when I talk about my pain. Does this feel familiar? If you are living with chronic pain, chances are you know exactly what that statement means. It came up in our discussions this week and when it was said, there was a unanimous nodding of heads and affirmative sighs. Oh yes, […]

Teaching From the Heart

Dr. Carstoniu and I don’t teach from a manual or overly prescribed program. We teach from our years of experience with the special mindbody methods we’ve learned, and we teach from our hearts. What I mean by “overly prescribed” is a program that is absolute in its content and sequence of lessons. We spent a […]

Moving Away From Pain

It has been a while since I posted here. The last entry was in July and here we are in November. The groups have continued of course but I have been absent from many of the sessions. So for those who don’t know, I thought an explanation was in order along with some reflection. In […]