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OHIP Funded Chronic Pain Group Treatment

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Thank you for stopping by to take a look.  Our OHIP funded group therapy program addresses the needs of chronic pain patients as well as those with stress related conditions. The program incorporates traditional Asian exercise methods such as qigong with a cognitive behavioral approach to chronic pain.

Each 2 hour session includes informal discussion/questions of pain related issues and training in relaxation/meditation techniques that emphasize awareness and the ability to cope with one’s situation in a realistic fashion. Meditation training is complemented by a gentle system of exercise that combines mental imagery with postural training and movement to help participants maintain and improve their ability to function.

There is no pressure to perform and your patient will be encouraged to participate only to the degree that he or she wishes to. This is not a work-hardening program but one that emphasizes relaxation over performance. We feel that freedom from pressure to perform leads to greater relaxation, less apprehension and ultimately better performance of daily activities.

Physical Demands

The physical and cardiovascular demands of the active exercise portion of our program are equivalent to that of Tai Chi practice or a moderately paced walk. Many exercises can be done while seated. Participants are encouraged to proceed at their own pace and rest at any time they choose during a session.

Who can participate

The structure of the group is an open one. New members can join at any time and there are no attendance requirements.These sessions are appropriate for a wide variety of chronic pain patients including those with headaches, osteoarthritis, immune arthropathies, post surgical/traumatic pain, whiplash injuries, mechanical neck/back pain, complex regional pain and fibromyalgia.


No referral is required and there is no waiting list.  All your patient has to do is come to the clinic with a valid OHIP card a few minutes before a session begins.

About us

Our clinic, Headache & Pain Management has provided comprehensive assessments, independent medical evaluations for third parties and multidisciplinary treatment for chronic pain patients since 1995.  Our group treatment program offers your chronic pain patients immediate participation in a management program that combines evidence based practice with compassionate care.

A licensed psychologist prior to entering medical studies, I have maintained a practice in the management of chronic pain since 1993 after obtaining certification in anesthesiology in 1992.

Thank you for your time.  Please feel free to call 416-322-7539 if you have any questions.

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Jan Carstoniu MD FRCPC