Mindbody Pain Management Course

Change Your Brain
Change Your Pain

Now you can learn the Mindbody Training methods at home in your own time.

Chronic pain is a complex phenomenon of human experience with physical, emotional and cognitive dimensions. As research has shown, the most effective approach to treatment is one that addresses the different factors involved in the development and maintenance of chronic pain.

We have assembled the methods taught in our clinic for over 10 years into small, easy to understand modules. The material is presented in a logical progression using text, photos, audio guided imagery, and video.

The modules are Sitting Meditation, Standing Meditation, Gentle Movement & Mindbody Walking.

Sitting Meditation

This section contains complete instructions for developing a meditation practice, along with audio recordings that guide you step by step into deep relaxation. Further, you are taken into specific guided meditations to start working with body sensations and learning to alter them at will.


Standing Meditation

This module focuses on how to stand with a relaxed upright posture. We explain how to hold the head and shoulders, align the spine and position the legs and feet. By following the instructions you will become aware of how to release tension and reduce mechanical stresses that may be contributing to pain.

The posture itself looks quite simple, as you can see here. However, there are several specific components to it that are all being practiced inside the body using attention combined with relaxation. You’ll never want to slouch again!


Gentle Movement

Moving when you have chronic pain is challenging to say the least. But avoiding exercise for fear of pain can lead to worse pain in the long run. As the name of this section implies, we offer a series of gentle movements to help you maintain suppleness and strain-free movement.

This video shows the movement called “Shoulders Front & Back”. It is as simple as it looks, and we combine it with the same relaxation found in earlier sections of the course to create a really pleasant and effective way to move the body.

Mindbody Walking

Mindbody Walking is a unique way to improve balance and strengthen the legs. Walking is also of course, an excellent cardiovascular exercise. This method uses the skills of awareness, relaxation, posture and gentle movement that you have practiced in the preceding modules.


The Mindbody Pain Management online program is unlike anything else available for people with chronic pain. Our goal is to teach mental and physical skills that can reduce distress and improve function. We call this mindbody training.

We do this by joining modern cognitive behavioral therapy with traditional Asian exercise methods such as those used in taijiquan and qigong. You will be shown relaxation and meditation techniques to increase awareness / mindfulness of thoughts and feelings.

Emphasis is placed on viewing pain realistically and without distress. The program goes beyond mindfulness by adding training to develop skills in mental imagery that can alter the experience of pain. Relaxation and imagery are combined with postures and gentle movement to improve body mechanics and reduce pain.

We stress relaxation over performance so there is no pressure to perform. Proceeding at a pace that depends on your level of pain and tolerance makes learning easier.

The lessons provide explanations of each part of the program but ultimately, the most important part is you. Our hope is for you to become better at taking care of yourself.